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IT Manager
The organisation's IT Manager is responsible for:
  • Ensuring that the organisation's IT infrastructure, filing systems and any other devices used for processing personal information meet acceptable security standards.
  • Ensuring that all electronically held personal information is kept only on designated drives and servers and uploaded only to approved cloud computing services.
  • Ensuring that servers containing personal information are sited in a secure location, away from the general office space.
  • Ensuring that all electronically stored personal information is backed-up and tested on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring that all back-ups containing personal information are protected from unauthorised access, accidental deletion and malicious shacking attempts.
  • Ensuring that personal information being transferred electronically is encrypted.
  • Ensuring that all servers and computers containing personal information are protected by a firewall and the latest security software.
  • Performing regular IT audits to ensure that the security of the organisation's hardware and software systems are functioning properly.
  • Performing regular IT audits to verify whether the electronically stored personal information has been accessed or acquired by any unauthorised persons.
  • Performing a proper due diligence review prior to contracting with operators or any other third-party service providers to process personal information on the organisation's behalf. For instance, cloud computing services.
Updated by Robert de Jager on 12 JUL 2021
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