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Limitations when collecting data
We will ensure that personal information under its control is processed:
  • In a fair, lawful and non-excessive manner
  • Only with the informed consent of the 3rd party
  • Only for a specifically defined purpose

CapeSoft Eco Time will inform the data 3rd party of the reasons for collecting his, her or its personal information and obtain written consent prior to processing personal information.

Alternatively, where services or transactions are concluded over the telephone or electronic video feed, CapeSoft Eco Time will maintain CRM entries of the stated purpose for collecting the personal information followed by the 3rd party's subsequent consent.

CapeSoft Eco Time will under no circumstances distribute or share personal information between separate legal entities, associated organisations (such as subsidiary companies) or with any individuals that are not directly involved with facilitating the purpose for which the information was originally collected.

Where applicable, the data 3rd Party must be informed of the possibility that their personal information will be shared with other aspects of the organisation's business and be provided with the reasons for doing so.

An example of a "POPI Notice and Consent Form" can be found under Annexure A.

Personal information will not be processed for a secondary purpose unless that processing is compatible with the original purpose. Therefore, where we seek to process personal information, it holds for a purpose other than the original purpose for which it was originally collected, and where this secondary purpose is not compatible with the original purpose, we will first obtain additional consent from the 3rd party.

Updated by Robert de Jager on 13 JUL 2021
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