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The Guidance Note published by the Information Regulator on 1 April 2021 seeks to provide guidance in relation to:
  • The appointment and duties of information officers
  • The designation and delegation of duties to deputy information officers
  • The registration of information officers and deputy information officers with the Information Regulator
The Guidance Note provides that an information officer must either:
  • Complete and submit an online registration form
  • Complete the registration form attached to the Guidance Note manually and submit it to the Information Regulator's offices (either by delivering the form to its physical address, or by emailing it to: registration.IR@justice.gov.za).

The Information Regulator recently announced that it is in the process of developing an online portal to be used by organisations to register their information officers online, which portal is expected to be live by the end of April.
Accordingly, the Information Regulator has indicated that the registration process is anticipated to commence from 1 May 2021. In order to speed up the registration process, the Information Regulator has encouraged organisations to submit their applications for registration through the online portal.
Where organisations have already completed and submitted their applications for registration using the form attached to the Draft Guidelines, the Information Regulator has urged these organisations to reapply using the online portal.

Updated by Robert de Jager on 13 JUL 2021
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