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3rd Party Data

CapeSoft Eco Time does not indiscriminately collect personal or company data. Any data acquired and stored will be done during the course of its business where that part of the business process requires the relevant data.

CapeSoft Eco Time acquires and stores the minimum amount of data required for the minimum period required by the following statuary regulations.

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act No. 75 of 1997
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003
  • Companies Act No. 71 of 2006
  • Copyright Act No.98 of 1978
  • Electronic Communications Act No.36 of 2005
  • Electronic Communications and Transaction Act No. 25 of 2002
  • Employment Equity Act No. 55 of 1998
  • Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962
  • Labour Relations Act No. 66 of 1995
  • Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013
Updated by Robert de Jager on 13 JUL 2021
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